Adeyanju Tells Buhari What He Must Do To Stop #EndSARS Protest

Adeyanju Tells Buhari What He Must Do To Stop #EndSARS Protest
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Overview Of: Adeyanju Tells Buhari What He Must Do To Stop #EndSARS Protest

Human rights activist and convener, Concerned Nigerians Advocacy Group, Deji Adeyanju has explained what President Muhammadu Buhari has to do to stop the #EndSars and #EndPoliceBrutality protest in the country.

The human rights activist said that Youths would continue to protest until they sense seriousness on the part of the government to reform the Nigeria Police Force.

He said this in response to the prolonged protest despite the dissolution of SARS.

Adeyanju while speaking with journalists said the protest has continued because there is mistrust in the people about the government.

He said this is the third time government is announcing the dissolution of SARS but there has been no political will to do it.

He said what is happening now is a lack of trust in government.

Adeyanju also said that it is naivety to think that the protest is only about SARS, the protest is a combination of several issues and there is a general frustration in the country.

The human rights activist urged the government to not lean the frustration on the people because they are human beings.

In the last five years, the economy has been very bad he stated.

He said the unemployment rate is high which has never hit this level before and the hike in price of commodities is also a factor.

Towards ending the protest, Adeyanju said that

“It would be difficult to say. The General consensus is that the protest should continue. It’s been days now after the dissolution of SARS.

Are there any sign that the police are making any serious move to genuinely reform the police? So these are the things that would determine if the protest would come to an end or not.

He concluded by saying that the protest is not about anybody or group, rather about Nigerians. He urged the government to allow Nigerians decide what they want and how they want it, as seen on the streets.

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