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    Umu Obiligbo

    LABEL: Benada Entertainment
    Full Name: Okpuozor and Akunwafor Obiligbo junior
    D.O.B: Dual Musicians


    Popular Nigerian highlife music singers, Umu Obiligbo, biography, and everything you need to know about their music career. As this music stars have taken over the popular high-life music we use to know back then in the 1990s.

    Okpuozor and Akunwafor Obiligbo junior, popularly known as Umu Obiligbo are two brothers from the same parents. They were born and brought up in Anambra State Nigeria.

    Their music career started from their grandfather, late chief Ezigbo Obiligbo. Who happens to be the popular Ekpili music star in the 1970s, General Yakubu Gowan, Nigeria head of State then” was his fan.

    Their father, Ajana Obiligbo, was also a highlife music star, so music is in their linage. To make the answer obvious, Umu Obiligbo inherited their highlife music career from their late grandfather and their father.

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