Fani-Kayode May Be Taking Drugs, He Likes Stripping People N*ked — Former Chef Makes Stunning Allegation

Fani-Kayode May Be Taking Drugs, He Likes Stripping People N*ked — Former Chef Makes Stunning Allegation
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Fani-Kayode May Be Taking Drugs, He Likes Stripping People N*ked — Former Chef Makes Stunning Allegation
27th September 2021, 08:00 AM

Fanikayode May Be Taking Drugs, He Likes Stripping People Nked Former Chef Makes Stunning Allegation

Koss Edeh, a chef who worked with a former Nigerian Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has described the minister's house as a prison, according to SaharaReporters.

Edeh, who worked as a chef from February 2019 to June 2019, said while he was working for the former minister, he physically assaulted all his domestic workers, including his wife (now ex-wife). 

In a video, the former chef also expressed the belief that Fani-Kayode might be taking hard drugs, saying it is evident in his character and dealings with those working at his house. 

The ex-minister's former chef who says he's a Togolese, said he had worked with two ministers before working for Fani-Kayode. According to him, he regrets ever working with the former minister. 

He said, “My name is Koss Edeh, former chef. I started work with Chief in February 2019 and left in June 2019. I was paid N5, 000 per meal. There was a time I served him and he said the cooler wasn't full, he asked why am I reducing his food, that can my father buy food here? 

“He asked me to go on my knees, I did. He said he'd kill me and hang me, I said sorry sir. He said he'd deal with me. He called the bodyguard, the man held me and chief started slapping me, said which plans do I have for him. The man tore my clothes, said he will kill me because I've started changing and his cooler is no longer full. He asked me to go and start doing frog jump. 

“He did it again. He just returned from a journey and complained of the size of meat. He beat me, tore my clothes and Madam came out and asked what happened. I explained to her. The madam called the bodyguard and said I'm old enough to birth him. She is the one that usually pleads my cause, if not for madam, FFK would have killed me in that house. 

“Fani-Kayode paid me for only three months but two months' salaries are still with them. I left on pretence, I did as if I wanted to go and buy something from a store, I pretended as if I wasn't feeling well because that house is something else. Those of us inside are like prisoners, the gate never opens, I pleaded with the policeman before he allowed me to go out and I ran away. I pretended as if I wanted to get drugs.

“My clothes, bags and everything, I left them there, I didn't carry anything. My own case is even better. For some people, he will invite police officers to arrest them, the officers won't even ask what had happened, theirs is just to collect money. They are for the money. They are not interested in knowing what has happened. 

“If not for madam, we'd have died. Many people left their things there. He likes stripping people naked, that's his job. 

“I have worked with two ministers before Fani-Kayode, I have worked with Tom Ikimi, former minister of foreign affairs, I have worked with Sam Odeh, former Niger Delta minister, we gist but this one (FFK), I'm tired. I have never seen a minister that behaves like Fani-Kayode. I worked with him for only five months.

”He beats his wife like a goat, if you see her, you'll know something has happened to her. He'll beat her, she'll be covered in blood. Any day he beats her like that, we hide from him. 

“He had once beaten a maid that she landed in the hospital. No one believed she could survive.  

“Fani-Kayode sexually harasses ladies who work for him, it's an occupation for him. Fani-Kayode's house is a house of crime. You get punished for doing nothing. It's a criminal house, it's like a prison.  

“I believe Fani-Kayode takes hard drugs though I haven't caught him with such but then you don't expect him to use it in our presence.”

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