First Case of Coronavirus Reinfection Recorded in Hong Kong

First Case of Coronavirus Reinfection Recorded in Hong Kong
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Overview Of: First Case of Coronavirus Reinfection Recorded in Hong Kong

There have been a number of reports claiming that it is impossible to get reinfected after recovering from the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

There have also been reports claiming that the former report is false. Well, it now seems that is possible to get infected with the Coronavirus after getting infected the first time.

The first case of reinfection has been recorded in Hong Kong, confirming the latter reports. A 33-year-old man living in Hong Kong has been reinfected with the virus.

He is the first documented case of someone getting reinfected after contracting the virus once. According to reports, the first time around, he exhibited some symptoms, but not the second time around.

“The patient got re-infected 4.5 months after the first infection. Therefore, it shows that for this patient, the immunity induced by the first infection is short lasting,” Dr. Kelvin Kai-Wang To of the University of Hong Kong, who worked on the study, said in an email to CNN.

“This case illustrates that re-infection can occur even just after a few months of recovery from the first infection. Our findings suggest that SARS-CoV-2 may persist in humans, as is the case for other common-cold associated human coronaviruses, even if patients have acquired immunity via natural infection or via vaccination,” the researchers wrote.

Researchers also emphasized the need for those who have recovered from Coronavirus to get the vaccine when it becomes available and to adhere to preventive methods in the meantime.

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