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#FOTW: Otegbeye Samuel aka Khodex Adey

  • Khodex Adey
    Khodex Adey
    Khodex Adey
    Khodex Adey

    Otegbeye Samuel

    AKA: Khodex Adey
    2nd #FOTW
    Location: Sango Otta, Ogun State
    Gender: male
    D.O.B: 5th Of December

    Profile Bio

    Otegbeye Samuel Oluwaseun a Native of “Ilaro, Ogun State” Based in Ogun State & Lagos State, Popularly known as “Khodex Adey” is a Graphics and Web Developer in Nigeria, is a seasoned Computer Engineer, a Certified Network Associate, and a Radio Planning & Optimization Engineer with a great passion for Computer, Applications, gadgets, and technology @ large.

    Khodex provides a wide variety of IT Solutions, Khodex is a Professional Web Developer, He plays well with various web technologies ranging from PHP, CSS5, CSS3, HTML 5, X-HTML, XML Content Management Systems, etc.

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