Mercy and Ike Season 1 Episode 8: “Even when I am married, I will still slay”, says Mercy

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Mercy and Ike Season 1 Episode 8: “Even when I am married, I will still slay”, says Mercy
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Overview Of: Mercy and Ike Season 1 Episode 8: “Even when I am married, I will still slay”, says Mercy

In the last episode of the Mercy & Ike show, the couple went on a date and talked about getting their relationship back on track. They also talked about the prospect of marriage and business, and Mercy discussed mental health challenges with her sister, Promise.

Mercy and Ike decide to meet at a gym and did some workouts together. Ike had asked Mercy to join him so they can motivate each other to do better at the gym and have fun while at it. Ike is all for the couple’s work out to help them bond more and connect them better. Mercy ends the workout early and exhausted.

Mercy and her sister decide to take a swim at the pool and have some time for themselves outside work. She talks about the 2020 AMVCA, how she will be presenting an award, and her plans to win the best-dressed award. She makes a call to her stylist, Swanky Jerry to discuss plans on what she will be wearing.

Her sister, Promise then proceeds to ask her when she plans on getting married. Mercy playfully tells her that Ike said he wants to propose and asks if she should say yes or no. Mercy seriously responds that she would like to get married before 30, but that marriage is not her priority at this moment. She tells her sister that even when she is married, she will still slay.

Ike is concerned about his eating habits. He says that he must take care of himself and not rely on takeout or Mercy to prepare his meals. He makes noodles to let everyone, especially his parents and his fans know that he can take care of himself.

Mercy has a new business plan and is having a meeting with Dipo, a fashion stylist. As their meeting goes, Dipo lines up a few pieces she can wear for the week, and she is sure she wants to work with him. Ike has launched his photography business and she plans to do a photoshoot with him.

Ike has set up for the photoshoot and is excited to have her as his model to help his business. He is impressed with her look and optimistic about the shoot, though he thinks she is giving him the vibe. Mercy thinks he is good and talented and is impressed with the pictures taken and finally gets on board especially when she sees the outcome. They trade jokes after the shoot and it’s a wrap.

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