Valeria Levitin: The World Skinniest Woman You should Know

Valeria Levitin: The World Skinniest Woman You should Know
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Overview Of: Valeria Levitin: The World Skinniest Woman You should Know

Valeria Levitin: The World Skinniest Woman You should Know; Valeria Levitin is known as the world’s skinniest woman. The anorexic woman who is from Monaco weighs, so little as 50lbs which are about 27 kg half of what the lightest person should weigh. Valeria is 5 ft (1.52 meters) tall, and she is one of the skinniest people who suffer from extreme cases in anorexia.

She started experiencing her condition, years back when she embarked on extreme dieting. And all her desperate efforts to regain back her weight proved abortive. This is the desperately sad story of the thinnest woman in the world who weighs just four stone after years of extreme dieting. But rather than feel sorry for herself, Valeria Levitin’s emaciated figure should be a severe wakeup call for girls wanting a matchstick thin figures. She is very thin, less than half of what her lightest healthy weight should be. Valeria Levitin is a walking skeleton after years of anoxeria reduced her size and weighted. Valeria aged 19, on holiday in Mexico.

This is the picture of her before dieting and after dieting.

She developed an eating disorder as a teenager and has now chosen to speak out about how the illness has ruined her life. What worry the most is that Valeria, says she gets fan mail from girls desperate to copy her skeletal look. She said all the letters she received had been from ladies mainly in their twenties, who see her as some kind of inspiration. She says she wants to share her story to prevent other people from falling victim to the same fate, saying anorexia has made her lonely and u attractive.

Valeria has been a source of inspiration for young girls, who are eager to learn from her mistakes in other to stay safe from her type of condition. She has also been touring different parts of the world to the tutor girls of the dangers of extreme dieting. She hopes to recover from the condition someday so that she can fulfill her dream of becoming a mother.

So I will advise ladies to keep away from extreme dieting. Because they want to have figure eight or whatever.

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